Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Moms Will Understand

I've lost some brain power since becoming a mom. I'm told it's "normal" and "happens to the best of us." When my mind goes blank mid sentence it doesn't faze me much anymore. It doesn't concern me like it once did when I walk into a room and can't remember why. But every once in awhile my mommy brain does something so absent minded that I am left in a state of jaw-dropping-frozen-in-time-shock.

A few days ago I went to Target. The store I once had a love affair with and now avoid at all costs because taking 3 kids shopping is torture. As I was getting the kids out of the car I could tell the car  next to me was running. I peeked inside but didn't see anyone. Strange. I looked at the few cars parked near me and still didn't see anyone. Strange. Oh well. I loaded Claire and Adam into the shopping cart (Henry was at school) and proceeded with caution into the store that brings out the "I wants" in all of the Barron's.

Now the beautiful thing about this particular trip is that Adam was wonderful. So obedient and polite. All the things that make for a proud momma and also for a leisurely stroll through Target. I was actually able to read the back of the Mederma stretch mark cream box before saying a prayer for a miracle and throwing it in the cart. I walked the aisles of Target with such ease and I actually managed to get every item on my list. And when I finished my shopping I strolled up to the checkout glowing with a peacefulness rarely seen in motherhood. I paid, loaded up my shopping cart and walked out to the car. It was hands down the most successful Target trip I've had since Adam was born.

And then I neared my van. And I heard that same idling engine. And as I got to my van and began to look for my keys I realized that idling engine sounded eerily familiar. And then it hit me. That state of jaw-dropping-frozen-in-time-shock. That idling engine was my own van. The very van I had stepped out of over 30 minutes ago. My mommy brain not only forgot my keys in the car but also left them in the ignition ... with the van running ... with the doors unlocked ... while I blissfully walked  the aisles of Target!

I've heard that omega 3 fish oils help recover some of the brain power that must exit with our placenta. Looks like I need to add a very large bottle to my Target list.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Inquiring Minds

There's a reason I haven't posted on "A Bunch of Barron's" in 6 months. It's because life pretty much looks like this around our house:

But the mayhem will never be contained. And my loyal followers (all 20 of them) have been inquiring about the absence so ... WE ARE BACK!