Monday, March 26, 2012

Poor Boys

With two boys in the house a blow to the balls was bound to happen. And it did. Henry was trying to beat Adam into the bath the other night, slipped and caught himself between the legs on the metal edge of the tub. I've never heard him scream like he did at the moment of impact. As a result, Matt came running into the bathroom faster than I've ever seen him run. Luckily no real harm was done. It must have been very traumatic though because a couple days later Adam fell and got a bump on his knee. He screamed a scream reminiscent of Henry's ball busting scream. Henry came running into the room with a look of terror on his face and said ...
"OH NO!!!! Oh no, oh no, oh no!!!!!! Did Adam squish all the air out of his balls?!?"

Sometimes I just have to laugh. This was one of those times.