Monday, April 23, 2012


Henry: "Adam. I know everything."
Adam: "No you don't."
Henry: "Yes I do."
Adam: "No you don't."
Henry: "Yes I do."
Adam: "No you don't."
Me: "Boys stop arguing. Henry, you don't know everything. For example, what kind of doctor is dada?"
(Crap. He's right.)
Me: "Well, what kind of crop does Papa Jim grow?"
Henry: "Walnuts."
(For crying out loud. Right again.)
Me: "Where did momma go to school?"
Henry: "At the little school on the way to Max, Betsy and Macey's house?"
(What?!? I need to think of harder questions.)
Me: "Where did dada and I meet?"
Henry: "At your wedding."
(Finally! I can prove him wrong. Where in the world does he get his argumentative nature anyway?!)
Me: "No. We met at college. Now eat your lunch."
Adam: (under his breath to Henry) "I fink momma forgot you know everyfing."


  1. Linnet- That is hilarious! Thank you for the laugh today. Your boys crack me up.

  2. :-D
    thanks for the chuckle! They always know more than we think they do!