Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Hero

The kids really do love their dada.

In honor of father's day (a bit late I know) I would like to share a few of the boys humdingers from the last few weeks.

*      *      *

Adam: How will I turn into a daddy?
Me: Well. When you get married and your wife has a baby you'll be a daddy.
Adam: Oh. I didn't get married yet right?
Me: No.
Adam: Oh. Good.

*       *       *

Me: (staring at a pile of laundry taller than Adam) I need to fold that laundry. Good thing dada will help me when he gets home. He's a good helper and a hard worker.
Henry: Yeah. But you work hard for us. And dada works hard at a real job. So you should probably just fold those clothes.

*       *       *

And last weekend as we were watching the final hole of the U.S. Open ...

Henry: (critiquing the 10 foot putt Michael Thompson had to make to force a playoff) That is a really easy shot huh dada?
Matt: No way Henry. That's a tough one.
Henry: But you would make that shot dada. You're better than him.
Me: (chuckling) Henry, these guys are all WAY better than dada.
Henry: (in shock) Certainly not!

*       *       *

And finally a piece of art from Henry's classroom.

This just melted my heart. And Matt's too. Each of the kids in Henry's class made one of these during the last month of school. They were posted around the room and said things like, "I want to be a ... banker, hair dresser, fireman, doctor. I looked but did not notice another, "I want to be a daddy." Just goes to show what a remarkable impression Matt is leaving on his kids. He really is such a great daddy.


  1. I liked the one about the laundry!

  2. *sniff sniff*
    beautiful...and hilarious...