Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Tried

The kids and I went to Jamba Juice for smoothies and pretzels this morning. While enjoying our snack we chatted about how I used to work there.

HENRY: Did you work here when you were a little girl?
ME: No. I worked here when I was in college.
HENRY: So you needed a job because you weren't a mom yet?
ME: I wasn't even married yet. I needed a job because I was in school and needed to make money.
HENRY: Oh. So did you meet dada there? Did he walk in one day and you saw him and you said, "Will you marry me?"
ME: (giggling) No Henry. We were just friends then. We got married later.
HENRY: Oh. And then you quit your job because dada got a job?
ME: (grasping the moment to sell myself as "more than a mom") Actually Henry, before I had you and Adam and Claire I was the one who had a job. I made all the money. I worked really hard as a teacher while dada was going to school.
HENRY: Oh. I don't like this pretzel.
ME: (eat it anyway you little fart).

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