Friday, September 20, 2013


Lately I've been overwhelmed (in a wonderful way) by the friendship by boys share.
Like the other day when Henry came running inside ...
  Adam, do you want to be on my team?
  Sure Henry! What team?
  My butterfly care team!
And last night when they set up a "shadow station" in our family room and made monster shadows on the wall for over an hour.
 Or like almost every afternoon when they go in their room together, close the door and listen to audio stories on their boom box.
And then this afternoon, when they looked outside and declared it the perfect day for a "snack picnic." So together they packed snacks, gathered a couple books, found a blanket and went outside for a brother's picnic.
I know my cup always runneth over, but in moments like these I am acutely aware of my blessings. So much so that I told Matt just last night,
 "Matt, today was one of those days that made me want to have one more baby and start homeschooling." 
And to which he replied, "Are you crazy?!"
 Yes. I must be.
(I've heard four kids age 6 and under will do that to you)

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