Thursday, September 26, 2013

There's a Scout in the House

A few weeks ago when I picked Henry up after school he came running out of the classroom waving a piece of paper. Before I could ask him about it he shouted, "I want to do this! I want to do this!" and shoved the paper into my hand.
It was a flier for Boy Scouts.
Now, we've been pretty selective with the activities we sign up for in our home. Mostly because too much busyness takes away from family time and causes unnecessary stress. And because we love family time and do NOT love stress, we often choose to forgo extracurricular activities. But when those big brown eyes looked up at me with genuine excitement about something my heart told me it was time.
Matt agreed.
 And the rest is history.
So without further ado ...
 Introducing our Tiger Cub, Henry T. Barron.

And also his Tiger Cub Den Leader, Matt (aka - Daddy).

 A picture really does says a thousand words.
Henry loves that his Daddy is his leader. 

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  1. oh my goodness... closed eyes and everything... ♥