Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All In a Nights Sleep

We had one of those nights last night.
You know the kind of night where it feels like you're on a twisted "ain't-parenting-grand" version of Candid Camera.
Henry had a terrible cough and couldn't fall asleep. He finally did. Just in time for Adam to wake up and mysteriously appear by my bedside at 12:30am. After being re-tucked Adam seemed settled.
On my way back from tucking Adam in I noticed a light coming from Claire's room. I chose to ignore it. She was quiet and with this one we've learned not to rock the boat.
I crawled back into bed and fell asleep just in time to hear,
"Mooooommmmmmaaaaaa ... I neeeeeeeeed you!"
 I went to her room and found her stripped down naked.
"I need to go poop."
Guess she wasn't lying.
I quickly got her to the potty. And then sat on her bedroom floor while she sat on the toilet and sang songs.  Twenty minutes later (&#^*!), she decided she was done. There was no poop. But she had removed all the band aides we have to put on her face every night (long story). She needed them reapplied and of course wanted to "help". Fifteen torturous minutes later she was back in bed.
 She wailed as soon as I left her room. And woke up Henry. Who came to our room crying and hacking. He could not sleep with Claire screaming so he laid down on our bedroom floor where he could cry and hack in peace (logical). He finally hacked himself back to sleep.
And then he had an accident. There's a first time in 2 years for everything I suppose. After a quick pajama change he fell back asleep. And so did I.
Just in time for Adam to crawl into our bed 5:30am. And for Emily to wake 15 minutes later.
So last night? That was not fun.
But you know what is fun?
 All of this ...


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