Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.
When strangers look at me and say, "Wow, you've sure got your hands full." I often reply, "Yes. But you should see my heart."  My kids are a blessing and I strive to see and treat them as such. Admittedly, my little blessings also induce severe exhaustion in their momma.

Children keep you young.
But first they make you old.

Oh how true it is! I feel old lately. And tired. But when I look at my children - and I mean really see my children - I recognize that their childish antics are actually life lessons for keeping me joyful and young at heart.

For example, if I entered every room the way Adam does, I'd skip down the hall in the morning on my way to make breakfast. And when I heard my name being called from the other room I'd quickly run around the corner and bunny hop down the hallway in response.

If I welcomed Matt home the way Claire does I would run to the door when I heard his keys in the lock. I'd arrive out of breath and just in time to jump up and down and wrap my arms around him, begging for him to pick me up (This ecstatic welcome home every evening would either result in (a) complete annoyance or (b) more babies).

If I took relaxation as seriously as Henry I'd go into my bedroom each afternoon, turn on audio books and sprawl out on my bedroom floor on a pile of stuffed animals wearing nothing but my underwear.

And if I loved like Emily, my smile would make everyone I encountered feel like they were the most important person in my world.

So thank you, Heavenly Father for gifting children with joy. Thank you for blessing me with eyes that notice their gleefulness. And when I'm tempted to blame my exhaustion and aging eyes on the presence of my children, help me to choose instead to thank you (over ... and over ... and over again) for the fullness they bring to my heart.



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  1. gosh this says it so well.
    And I won't even add that it would mean you thrash inconsolably when someone puts you in the car, or throw magnets when someone asks you to give the dog water, or... oh wait. maybe that was just my house today... ;)
    Thank you for calling us over!