Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Tree

I could come up with a never ending list of reasons why I love being a mom. One of the best things however has to be experiencing the holiday season with my own kids. The onset of fall brings many opportunities for sweet and meaningful family time.
Each November the kids and I do something very simple yet very meaningful.
We create a Thanksgiving Tree.
We take a walk to the park and the kids collect sticks. When we get home we arrange the sticks in a vase and then trace and cut leaf shapes out of construction paper. Throughout the month of November we write our blessings on the paper leaves and hang them on the tree. I love reading (or helping the kids write) the many things they are thankful for. Our Thanksgiving Tree culminates on Thanksgiving morning when I give each of the kids and Matt a card sharing the many reasons why I am thankful for them.
I save the leaves and the cards from year to year and keep them in a scrapbook.
It warms my heart to look back through the book and read what we were all thankful for in years past.



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