Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prayer Walk

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't fall back asleep. I laid there, hoping my eyes and body would surrender to the lull of my bed. But they never did. So at 5:04am I got up. I told myself to sit and spend some time meditating on God's word. But I didn't. I told myself to take the dog for a run. But I just couldn't. I told myself to fold a basket of laundry. But that was not going to happen. I told myself to p90x it in the garage with Tony Horton. But I really don't like spending time with him all that much. And so at 5:10 this morning, I found myself just wandering around my house.
 I walked from the office ...
To the kitchen ...
To the living room.
Eventually I found myself standing by the front door, looking into the heart of our home.
And from somewhere inside, I was filled with a heartfelt longing to pray.
Lord, please bless whoever walks through these doors today. Help them to be welcomed with love and to feel the warmth of your presence in these walls.
An abiding joy washed over me as I found myself walking toward our office.
Lord, help the activities that go on in this room today to be pleasing to you.
Help the time to be well spent. And minds to be eager.
I walked on toward the kitchen.
Lord, as I tend to the work of making meals and cleaning dishes and wiping little hands, please help me to work as if I'm working for you. May my thoughts and my actions be an offering to you. Help me to serve my children today out of love, just as you would if you were the maker of this home.
Onto the dining nook.
May the meals that are shared around this table today be blessed by you. And may the conversation be pleasing to your ears.
Next I found myself in the family room.
Fill this room with laughter and joy today. Protect the kids from bumps and bruises. And when arguments arise please fill me with wisdom and grace to handle each situation.
And lastly, I was standing in the music nook in our bedroom.
And Lord, please help any music that rises from this instrument to bring glory to you. Help the fingers and minds that are just learning to be encouraged today by their progress. And help me to be humble and patient as I guide them to practice.
And when it was all said and done, I was filled with peace. Sweet, sweet peace.
Praying through the rooms of my home in the still hours of the morning. How had I never done this before?! I'm sure there are many moms out there who have been lead in such a way. But for me it was a first.
And what a blessing it was.
Because just a couple hours later when I found myself standing in the kitchen preparing breakfast and the kids wanted eggs and cinnamon sugar toast and grapes and yogurt.
Oh, and "Momma can we pleeeeeaaaasssse have a smoothie toooooooooooooo?"
My mind started to go to the place of martyrdom as it so often does.
But it stopped as I remembered just hours before standing in that exact spot and praying for a servant's heart. And suddenly everything in me longed to serve my kids with loving kindness.
And a few hours later as I stepped over three little bodies laughing and wrestling on the family room floor, I recalled my earlier prayer for joy and laughter to fill the room. And I smiled.
And when I lead Henry to the keyboard in the afternoon to practice I suggested that he focus on just one song today. And he did. And he got it! And he felt so proud.
In many ways our day today was like all the others. I was busy. The kids were needy. They played and they fought. They needed correction and discipline. We all laughed. And 5/6 of us shed at least a tear. The baby spilled her milk and mom spilled a glass of wine.
But when all was said and done, today was just a little different.
And so very wonderful. 
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for tugging at my heart this morning.
  And thank you for filling this home.

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  1. Hi Jenny
    Thanks for the comment left on my blog - sorry to reply here, but I couldn't fin another way to get in contact with you!
    For the chore charts, I just looked for the pictures on Google Images and kept looking until I found a black and white one!