Friday, June 10, 2011

I Was A Great Mom - Before I Had Kids

Before I had kids I knew a few things for sure.
  • My kids would always say "please" and "thank you".
  • My kids wouldn't drink juice unless it was watered down.
  • My kids would nap when it was nap time. No exceptions.
(And perhaps number one on my list?)
  •  My kids would NOT be television junkies. Ever.
Well parenthood (and the reality of three kids age 4 and under) has a way of humbling even the most rigid parent.

Case in point. Here is Claire. Age 2  1/2 months. She looks INCREDIBLY happy right?

Well this is what she is watching.

So far it appears that her two favorite shows are "Dino Dan" (on nick jr.) and "Say Yes to the Dress" (on TLC). And yes. This mom who thought I knew everything about parenting (before I had kids) is enjoying a big piece of humble pie as I type this entry. While my kids watch a movie I might add.


  1. :-D
    But she's really cute while watching that! :)
    I like the picture of you guys too, by the way. Hope your morning was fun!

  2. Love it, love it!! So true! My biggest thing was that my kids were not going to be whiners! I'm so eating my words these days.

  3. hahahaha I SO get it. I have one, and she turns on the tv HERSELF if it's off! sigh......

  4. say yes to the dress?? She must be prepping for Elliott. Claires picture on the blog is SOOOOOo cute. Love her blue eyes!