Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What'll It Be? A Book or A Boulder?

In this house unexpected silence does not mean someone has found a book and they are curled up in a corner reading. It's much more likely someone has crawled into the bathroom sink, turned on the water and filled it with bubbles (that happened earlier today). So when I was making dinner tonight and an eerie silence fell over the house I knew I needed to investigate.

This is what I found ...

Yes. That is Claire's room. No. That is not her tricycle. And no. Adam is not allowed to ride his trike in the house. Which leads me to believe he snuck the trike into the house and used it as a tool to aide in mischief. Say, as a stool perhaps. I investigate further. And what (or should I say who) do I find?

Claire, you are going to be one tough little girl. I hope you enjoyed your story time.
I was actually relieved she was only covered with books when I stumbled across the load Adam was carrying in his trike. 

Yes. That is a HUGE, sharp rock in the trunk of Adam's tricycle! Thank you Lord that he filled the crib with books and not this boulder.


  1. Crisis narrowly averted! Wow, that was a close one. I feel a lot of times like I can't even go to the bathroom or answer the door without something crazy happening during my absence.

  2. SCARY! My chest just sunk!!!
    It makes me want to cry almost... (yea, so I may be hormonal and pregnant, but still)...
    It was such a cute story until I saw that rock! Steiger carries big rocks around all the time! (and he is allowed to ride his trike in the house... oops). ;)