Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It Takes Three Baby

I am in love. Deeply and madly in love. Part of this overwhelming feeling may have to do with the fact that we are vacationing in beautiful Lake Tahoe where all of life feels just a bit sweeter. I'm sure it also helps that I have seven extra sets of helping hands around to lighten the load that three children can create. Maybe my children have just cast a spell on me. Whatever the reason I've never been more content to be a mom. Or more in love with my three blessings.

This feeling of sweet contentment started to blossom when Claire was about 2 months old. I've been trying to put a finger on just why I am so satisfied with my role lately and while I think there are many contributing factors one thing above all else seems to have made the biggest difference ... I became a mother of three. And in doing so, I am now completely outnumbered, and overwhelmed, and exhausted and somehow more relaxed than I've ever been. I am enjoying my children to the fullest. Henry seems more charming and clever. Adam more witty and full of life. And Claire is just precious. If this feeling continues we just might end up with all the kids (5!!) Matt has always wanted. Maybe. Or maybe that's just the thin Tahoe mountain air talking.

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