Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Birds and Bees

For some reason the boys love to watch me change Claire's nasty diapers. They cringe and plug their noses and laugh uncontrollably. I think it has something to do with their fascination with the word "poop" which they love to slip into every conversation possible. 

The other day as Henry was observing a diaper change this little interaction transpired.

HENRY: "Yuck. She got poop all over her wiener."
ME: "She doesn't have a wiener Henry."
HENRY: "She got poop all over where her wiener is going to grow."
ME: "She's not going to grow a wiener Henry."
HENRY (pausing to think): "Well just put clothes on her and she'll still be as cute as ever."

I am so relieved to know that my baby girl will still be accepted. Even if she never grows a wiener.


  1. HA! I would have been relieved he left it at that!:) When the girls were3-4 months Sam asked what was wrong with their butts?:) I think he thought the crack went all the way around:) and then recently we had to label it- sigh. Then as if that wasn't hard enough he connected the dots that his friend Eden must have a Vagina- ahhhhhhhhhh! I thought it was going to be a problem at school, but it wasn't (we talked about where and with whom you ask those questions, but still you never know) I did let the teacher know it had been a hot topic at home just in case.......