Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One of Those Moments

It's been one of those weeks. You know the week when your hormones are raging and you feel possessed. When your kids have been sick with pneumonia, pink eye and the cold of the century. The week when your poor husband has been on call and spent the past two nights at the hospital. The week when you have to get your obnoxiously loud kids up and at 'em and out the door so your exhausted hubby can have a quite napping house when he gets home in the morning. The week when you are desperate to kill time so you take your kids to the "super fun" car wash but that's an epic failure because your 5 year old who totally knows better throws a 2 year old size fit (on the floor kicking and screaming) because you won't buy him the chips he "really, really, really, really, really" wants but you know he won't even eat. The week when you are running so low on energy that even coffee isn't picking you up and for some stupid reason you decided it was the week you were going to cut back on your sugary treat intake.

Yeah. It's been one of those weeks.

Luckily one of those weeks just took pity on me and granted me one of those moments when something happened to snap me out of the joy sucking funk that has been dragging me down. 

Leave it to Adam. This is how I found him after his nap this afternoon ...

... happy as a clam and perfectly content to work in the garage wearing his little sisters tutu. I have no idea how he found it or when he put it on. But just the sight of him made me smile and gifted me with one of those moments. You know those simple moments that make mothering worth all the fevers and sleepiness and fits on dirty floors in the checkout line at the car wash.

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