Friday, February 10, 2012


There are days in my life as a stay at home mom that drag on ... and on ... and on. It seems like the diapers never end. The runny noses are nonstop. And the demands  requests for food and fun are constant. On days like these it is hard not to feel like my kids will be in the "needy years" forever. And then in one week (just one week) my oldest reaches 3 milestones! These milestones bring me so much joy. They also remind me that we will soon reach the "independent years" and I am encouraged to put forth my most patient effort in the midst of those energy zapping needy moments.

Milestone One: Henry learned to ride his bike with no training wheels.

(we did eventually remember the helmet)

Milestone Two: He golfed for the first time at the "real" golf course and loved every minute.

Milestone 3: He put together this Lego firetruck with almost no help from mom and dad.


  1. I still remember meeting him when he was a squishy little bug with big brown eyes! Good work Henry!

  2. holy cow Henry! I am pretty sure B would be jealous of that fire truck! way to go buddy!