Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tahoe - Week 1

The Barron's have a tradition. A 25 year old tradition in fact. Every year during the first week (and recently 2) of July they bring their brood to Tahoe. I love, LOVE the fact that I married into this tradition. We missed 8 years of the good times when we were living in Milwaukee but now that we're back in California we have embraced the annual trip with vigor.

This is the 3rd year we've been able to bring our bunch of Barron's on the trip. The food, family, fun, cards, laughter, friends, day trips, walks, and the beach are exactly what we need. We're loving every minute.

Corn in our teeth.

Sand in our toes.

Aunties by our side.

Walks to the beach at sunset.

Cards, cards and more cards.


Scavenger Hunt. One of MANY!

More cooking.

Virginia City, Nevada

Panning for gold.

They actually got some flakes!

Cave tour. Scared the crud out of me.

Love this face!

Fun, fun and more fun! We are missing Tyson a bit though. Fortunately we found the best dog trainers in the world and they paid him a visit at the kennel yesterday. They said he's doing great and doesn't seem to be missing us too much. They even sent us some pictures of him. How thoughtful is that?!

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  1. What a great tradition, I wish my family did thAt. Glad you are getting just what you needed. I miss you, look forward to hearing about your trip soon. Jenny