Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Burger, Fries, and Mr. Gubler

We went to lunch today at Izzy's Burger Spa. At least one trip to Izzy's is required each year on the Barron vacation to Tahoe. This year's trip proved more exciting than usual.

A nice young man kept Claire entertained while we were waiting in line to order. He played peek-a-boo and chatted with her. I recognized him from somewhere and almost asked, "Did you go to Cal Poly? You look so familiar to me." I'm glad I didn't. Turns out he looked familiar to more than just me. Aunt Nikki recognized him in an instant. Does he look familiar to anyone else?

Yup. Matthew Grey Gubler. Or as I searched for him on my iPhone while sitting at Izzy's, "the nerdy actor on Criminal Minds." No. He wasn't wearing this particular attire while in line at Izzy's. He was a tad more scrubby and aside from our table of 5 star struck women, 3 clueless children and 2 annoyed men no one else seemed to notice him. I think we played it really cool. I mean it's not like we asked for his autograph. And we didn't ask to take a picture with him. We just took a very stealth one of him grubbing on his burger.

And another of him sitting in his little black Mazda in the parking lot. 

And we were very discreet when we spied on him through the holes in the wooden fence as he was sitting in his car chatting on his cell phone.

Aside from all that we played it cool. Very, very cool.

 (This is one peek-a-boo session that will surely be recorded in Claire's baby book)


  1. Oh, Lynette, I had a grand laugh at this.

    Your blog is attractive, simple, and blue.

    Your writing is precise, humorous, and endearing.

    I hope you keep sharing it a long, long time.

  2. oh he's the cute one!
    (though tell Claire he's a little too old for her) ;)

  3. Love it!! and I do really like him...he is one of my faves on the show!!