Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tahoe - Week 2

Week number 2 and we're fully enjoying
 the altered state of reality that is life in Tahoe.
Loving the sand!

Our entertainment during dinner prep.
They are so entertaining ...
... Adam couldn't even handle it.

Getting ready for a hike at Spooner Lake.

Grumpy dude. But give him 5 minutes and he'll be
the happiest kid on the hike.

Adam has an eagle eye for bugs and "treasures."

He looks ready for a 4th to me.

Skinny jeans and pink leather sandals. Appropriate
hiking attire when you're the only little girl.

Successful fishing with the boys.

And we ate it for dinner.

My husband the grill master.

Man life is tough in Tahoe.

It's 5:00 somewhere. Okay. Maybe it's just 2:30. But we're on vacation!


  1. I love love love the pictures! You all look so fabulous!!!! ENJOY!

  2. oops thats me- Sheri....Good thing I didn't say something like you look hot in your bathing suit, would have sounded bad....course its true:)

  3. Love seeing all of u guys! The kids just grow too fast! So happy u Barrons get together every year! Maybe someday we'll get to see u all! Hey Nette, were u saying something about a 4th? ! Love ya. Steph (Tess)