Monday, May 21, 2012

Jail Break

"I'm coming. I'm coming. Crap, I'm coming.
Tyson, do not let her leave.
Together we will get out of this place"

"Okay. You're a cute pup. I'm a cute baby. Let's use it.
I'll bat my baby blues
while you cock your adorable ears."

"Yeah, Tyson. I realize that didn't work.
But don't cop an attitude with me. 
We will get out of here. Let's try plan B. "

"Just look happy. Really, really happy.
She has to let us out if we're happy."

"No. Tyson, I will not let you lose hope. Look me in the eye.
 I said look at me!
 You and I are too cute to be stuck behind this fence.
We will get out of here."

"In fact, I think I might just be able to unlock this thing.
If I just twist this a little ...
and push here just a tad ... "

"You know, on second thought, if I'm gonna be
stuck in here there's no one else I'd rather
be here with. You're not too bad Tyson.
Not too bad at all."
(Speak for yourself chick. I want the %^&! out of here.)

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  1. That was awesome! How did you get them to pose so perfectly for all of your captions??? ;o)