Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Matt Tells Me It's Sterile

In my most hectic mothering moments I've done some brainless things; put clean coffee cups away in the fridge, left the van running, lost a 2 pound pork roast between the grocery store parking lot and home. These are just the tip of the iceberg. However, last night when I was getting the boys in the tub I had a rare moment of mental clarity. Thank goodness.

I was cleaning up the last of the dinner dishes so Henry and Adam beat me to the bathroom, stripped and climbed into the water I had waiting for them. I was just about to pour some Papa Smurf body wash into the tub when I remembered (a) seeing this bottle empty 2 nights ago (b) I never leave bubble bath in the tub because the boys used an entire bottle in one bath one too many times and (c) that Papa Smurf bubble bath wasn't yellow last I checked. Or warm. This body wash definitely didn't belong in the tub. It did however belong in the toilet. And I put it there immediately.

 Or rather, just as soon as I snapped a picture of the sample (it was quite an impressive amount).

And a quick picture of the sample being placed in its appropriate porcelain apparatus.

And another quick picture of the presumably guilty parties watching the sample go down.

And one last picture of the true guilty character. That would be the innocent-looking, short one on the right. Yup. When the full story came out I learned that this little tyke  - who can't shoot straight when he pees in the toilet - managed to get every drop into the little rim of that Papa Smurf bottle.


  1. wow. watch out world... here comes Adam... (and here's hoping Steiger doesn't learn his lessons!)

  2. thats really impressive, I wonder who gave him that idea:)! did you ask him if he wanted those bubbles? that would have been funny if he connected the dots:)

  3. Oh my goodness Lynette. I LOVE your stories!!!