Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gone Fishin'

Matt was on a guys trip the past few days. It can be summed up like this ...
You're probably guessing my time at home with the 4 kids looked something like this ...
Well you couldn't be more wrong. And I'm so glad!
The kids and I had hands down the best few days we've had in months. It could have been the fact that I promised myself I wouldn't browse the internet on my phone during their awake hours. Maybe it was because I let the boys watch 2 hours of T.V. every afternoon guilt free while I did whatever I wanted around the house. It could be that Emily consistently takes a 4 hour afternoon nap (!!!!) these days. I know for a fact that I was praying from sunup to sundown. And I also may or may not have finished these 2 items ... (and then some).
While the "why" behind it may be a mystery I do know for certain that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the kids while Matt was away. I've known about this trip for 7 months. During those 7 months I imagined the worst. But I never expected the best! What a wonderful surprise.
Here are some of the highlights.  





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  1. this is too much cute for one post! Seriously!!!