Sunday, August 25, 2013

Science (fiction)

Is there anything cooler than a tomato worm?!
They might not be the best thing to celebrate (if you're an avid gardener like my sweet husband), but the kids sure love them. In fact, the 3 oldest spent an hour in our garden collecting them this morning.
Collecting was followed by hands-on observation.
(aka - squeezing the poop out of them)

Which was then followed by an internet search detailing the ins and outs of the creatures.
(the worms were allowed to watch the video clips also)

Our two favorite clips included a young boy who routinely does nature videos in his yard and an old man who found great joy in hunting for the camouflaged worms and then smashing them with his shoe.
All of our scientific research lead us to just one conclusion:
Henry: "Oh Adam! Look at this one!"
Adam: "Yup. These are definitely aliens!"

*     *     *
Just after I completed this post, I realized Claire was missing.
This is how and where I found her ...


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  1. I saw this last night before the pics of Claire were added! love that little free spirit! ♥